User parameters

API - secret

Used to verify signatures for links to files that are not accessible.

Link signing information.


Used for authorization, user notification and password recovery.

Notify about file adding errors

Controls the user notification when there is a problem when adding a file via the API by reference.

File parameters


HTTP Header with which the file will be transferred to the browser. Tells him about the contents of the file. Controls the display of the file on the user's machine. Possible values are Content-type.

Available only via direct link

Controls the availability of the file. Allows the user to follow unsigned links.

Auto download

Allows the user to download the file bypassing the intermediate page.

Browser View

Determines whether the file will be opened in the browser or sent as an attachment for download (Content-Disposition: attachment;).

Maximum speed

Maximum file download speed per connection.


Defines zones - locations in which the most user-friendly file download will be available.

Limit speed after

Sets the initial amount of data, after sending which the file transfer rate will be limited within one connection.

The interface of the File Manager Properties window and the API allow you to manage the parameters of existing files, but the changes made will not be applied to new files. The parameters for them will have to be set separately. You can use the profiles function to create rules that are automatically applied to files that will be created in the future.